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1. Organizational critical factors and their effect in achieving strategic competitive advantage : applied study in maritime transport sector in jordan / by hasan, issa awad mahmud . Publication: . 131 P. Availability: No items available:

2. Effect of quality orientatuon and new services development on organizatioal performance : An applied study on commercial banks in amman / by abualwafa, rima mohamed . Publication: . 108 P. Availability: No items available:

3. The relationship between porter generic strategies and strategic orientation : an applied study on jordanian human drugs industrial companies / by abdihaleem, ibrahim rafid . Publication: . 96 P. Availability: No items available:

4. The effect of green products on the jordaninan customer decision making / by khalifah, jalal ghazi . Publication: . 85 P. Availability: No items available:

5. The impact of e-marketing determinants on marketing effectiveness - the mediating role of personal impressions : jordan central e-commerce co. as a case study / by dayyeh, fatima w. abu . Publication: . 145 P. Availability: No items available:

6. The Impact of Organizational Factors on Marketing Success Investigating the Mediating Effect of Tacit Knowledge Exchange and Organization Sence making in Jordan Telecom Sector " / by Fraij, Ibrahim Kamal . Publication: Amman : 2015 . 76 P. Date: 2015 Availability: No items available:

7. The effect of corporate social responsibility on marketing performance via customer value and corporate image : Analytical study in Jordanian private hospital in Amman / by khater, Saja"Mohammad Ali " Abdulla . Publication: Amman : 2016 . 95 P. Date: 2016 Availability: No items available:

8. Investigating the mediating effect of E-Marketing capability on the relationship between innovation orientation and marketing effectiveness / by Almasri, Haneen Ahmad . Publication: Amman : 2016 . 135 P. Date: 2016 Availability: No items available: